Site specific installation Tante Mar - Voorschoten NL 2014

Site specific installation Tante Mar - Voorschoten NL 2014



For 78 years, Tante Mar lived in this beautiful house. She never married, nor did she have children, and she remained in the house until she turned 98. She worked as an obstetric nurse, and some of the babies she took care of became her family. I’m one of them.

The year she heard she had to move out of the house, I had already been around with my camera for quite some time. Mar took time to sort out everything that connected her to the house – all by herself, step by step. I photographed this process, capturing the relation between her and the house.

Mar and I made this exhibition together, three days before the house was sold. During those days, she merged with the walls of her house through ten photo projections in all seven rooms on the ground floor. 


Mar's paintings - when she had to leave the house the first things that left the building where her paintings; 'apart from the house - that's me' she sad.

Through the years I collected them.


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